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Mar 21, 2013

How I Made Someone Cry

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St Patrick's Day with a few Irish buddies!
     Guess what? Sunday was St. Patrick's Day. It was fantastic! I went with Laura to the Irish Center pub and it was packed full! We left for town around 11:30 AM and it was fantastic! So many Irish and wannabe Irish people waving their flags and watching the parade. Let me just say, these people really know how to celebrate! There were so many people in the pub I had to shove people out of my way to squeeze through. Also, someone decided to squeeze my butt while I was squeezing past them. Squeeze. Say it five times fast. It doesn't sound real anymore.

Famous dude!
This is what too much fun looks like!

Anyway, after that butt-squeeze encounter, I met this dude named Geoff Horsfield 
who is 
apparently a  famous football (soccer) player here. 

     Naturally, I made friends with him and took pictures with him.That's just how I roll. Laura and I went home around 8:30 PM because by then we were completely tuckered out.

     Side note: On the way back, like an idiot, I took off my shoes and then my feet died a slow painful death. Cold pavement+rocks+standing in heels 9 straight hours before=serious ouch. And that was my St. Paddy's (edited version).

     Also, last weekend, one of my very best friends, Brittany Jonas, performed in her second professional opera show. Go Brit! Sorry I had to miss it! Another thing I missed was my other great friend Ethan Menke's 21st birthday! No!!! Why do I miss so many great things? AND as if that wasn't bad enough, I also missed Pancho's 21st birthday! UGH. This is crap. Just crap.

Brittany (Opera-Star) Jonas
Pancho (I-like-to-embarrass-Rusty for-fun) Fields

Ethan (What? Do I have something on my face?) Menke
     I contacted the boys to let them know I was thinking about them, but I can't help feeling a little sad I couldn't be with them. Although, to be fair, it is Spring break at home and I probably wouldn't have seen them anyway. Boo. Shout out to you three wonderful people though. Except Pancho. Pancho made these pictures of me. -__-
Little does he know, I just bought an
economy size box from the store.
That is not even me. He must have found
this in a cataloge and just cut it out.

     Laura Morrissey is taking over my life slowly with Ed, Edd, and Eddy and Courage the Cowardly Dog nights after the gym. We even watched the Haunting in Connecticut sequel last night. I barely made it through. But with Ghosts of Bedlam (the play) coming up this week, we rehearse and run lines together constantly. Hold on. Laura is literally here. (2 hour writing break) She just left. We had tea and watched YouTube videos. Totes didn't rehearse... Oops.
Laura and me. She is coming to Kansas Newman next semester!
     Today in my Modern Drama lecture, we learned about Artaud and his 'Theatre of Cruelty' and then we put it into practice. Keep in mind this guys aim is to shock the audience, not entertain them. This dude's work paved the way for the horror genre. Without him, horror movies wouldn't exist. When my group did our performance, I made a girl cry. If you're reading this Liz, I'm really sorry! And I feel extra bad because although I felt kinda bad, it was also thrilling. You know the way people in TV shows talk about the power and evil and how it is addicting and feels good? Yeah. Like that. No one knew I was in the performance so I situated myself into the middle of the group while the two other blokes harassed the audience by forcing them into a corner with the lights off and whispering "Follow the yellow brick road" which was foreshadowing for what happened next. Everyone went silent for a solid 30 seconds and then without any warning I let out my most hideous, bloodcurdling shriek from the midst of the audience. The girl in front of me started crying immediately and other people in the audience screamed too, in shock. Moohahaha. If you want to learn more about 'Theatre of Cruelty,' watch below. I warn you, it's weird as heck.

This was in the package from home.

     To be honest, that's all I have for today except to mention I received another package from home and a letter from Grandma Cici. It's nice getting mail. It makes me feel good. Unfortunately, on another note, Grandma Laura's sister died today so I gave her a call to send my condolences. It was nice to talk to her, but I could tell she was hurting. She's taken care of though. Aunt Sami printed off my past blogs and sent them to her to read. They haven't arrived yet, but I'm sure they will soon.
I wish you the best!
Russell x

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