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Mar 14, 2013

The Many Faces of Peanut Butter

Ello Gov'na.

     It's almost 1 AM. Time to write a post. -__- At least that's the way it always seems. March 10th was Mother's Day! I have no idea why their Mother's Day isn't in May like ours, but whatever. Since I found out so short notice, I didn't have time to send anything home, so I resorted to creativity. Please browse the photos and enjoy the fruit of my labors. Click to enlarge.

Also, get over the group picture that won't stay in line. I just spent two solid hours trying to get the pictures to line up. THEY WONT FREAKING LINE UP. My OCD mind is dying a slow and very painful death. Leave me alone. This is as good as it gets.

Aren't we adorable? If you say no, you are wrong.
It is a scientific fact.

     Later on Sunday, I had the pleasure of introducing Laura, a Drama student coming to Newman Kansas next semester to my lovely friends Pancho, Ethan, and Blake. While Skyping, they asked her to say many things, admiring her accent, and somehow it came out in conversation that people here thought it strange I eat peanut butter with apples. The boys assumed this meant Laura needed educating and took it upon themselves to explain every type of peanut butter. This is their analysis:
  1. JIF Smooth Original- The safe choice. The best choice. You can't go wrong with Smooth Original. It is the god of peanut butters.
  2. JIF Crunchy- This one is a bit risky. It's kinda like kissing that random guy you just met at the club.
  3. JIF Extra Crunchy- VERY risky. This is only for the brave of heart. Back away. Slowly.
  4. Peter Pan Original- JIF's gay cousin. Always living in JIF's shadow. This can be taken literally as JIF jars are typically larger and can cast a sizable shadow over the puny-in-comparison Peter Pan jar. 
  5. Rusty's choice of peanut butter- Also known as Organic Almond Butter. It is a fake. It's not even made with peanuts. Pathetic. May also go by the name "Grandma Food".
  6. Ritz Peanut Butter Snack Crackers- For those with a peanut butter craving on the go. Satisfying the craving and adding the deliciousness of a salty Ritz cracker.
  7. Peanuts- The raw product of peanut butter goodness. Eat with salt. Eat alot.
Right before they busted out the peanut butter.
     Did I mention they had jars of each kind? And a massive jar of peanuts? They did. They had at least 5 jars of peanut butter. I have literally NO idea what possessed them to buy 5 different kinds of peanut butter. I don't even try to understand their logic anymore. I did, however, notice there was a lack of almond butter representation.
     This video chat lasted until 7 AM. Ethan played damage control and tried to apologize to Laura for the boys' behavior. Haha. She'll see way more of that next semester. After the boys hung up, Laura and I were ready to hit the hay and then... Brittany got online. We chatted until 9 AM. Laura left around 8 AM and that's around the time Chris Hansen joined the Skype call. I don't even remember all that we talked about because I was so exhausted, but it was great talking to them. We were all in different time zones! Kinda cool. 
My loves. I want them to sit next to me so I can
put ice cubes down the back of their shirts.
     Skip to Thursday. Today in Modern Drama, Pancho told me via chat he and Brit were in the same room ready to Skype. This NEVER happens so I left class and talked with them until Panch had to go to a meeting. I didn't miss much in the class.. All we did was learn how to write essays which I've been doing forever and a day. The class is a freshman class, so I didn't feel bad skipping a few minutes. Blake popped in last minute and Kevin talked to Brittany in his "Perfect Irish accent" (Get it Jit? It almost works). After lecture, I went to Dutch lesson. Luka is a good teacher and I really feel like I'm learning alot. I Facebook messaged Mom that I was in Dutch class and sent her some phrases. She asked what I had said to her in Danish. -__- Nice one Mom.
This happened.
...I'm not even sure what THIS is.
     At 7 PM, Laura and I logged onto Skype and had a meeting with Mark Mannette. I had already chosen my classes the day the course schedule came out, as usual, so basically he just listened to me advise myself and answered a few of my specific questions. Good thing Justin was there to help with computer issues on mark's end. Justin should read my blog. I will tell him he is mentioned. That will make sure he reads it. Oh. Hi Justin. You seem to be reading my devious plot. Heh... Yeah...  Anyway, I was sad Mrs. Zogleman wasn't in the office, so afterwards I emailed her. Three times. There were alot of capital letters. My pride was collateral. I may have said I miss you a few times too many. Oops. Oh well. 
     Laura and I went to the gym. Yeah that's right. We work out. We've been going for a couple weeks now and I think we have a pretty solid reward system. Basically, if we work out a solid week (besides Sunday, our rest day), we get to reward ourselves with ice cream. If we work out for two solid weeks, we get to go shopping! I haven't been shopping for anything but groceries since I got here! This is a good incentive. I want to buy new shoes. I have to lace all of my casual shoes. I am too darn lazy to lace my shoes every day! I lose enough calories working out that I think I have earned the option of lace-less shoes. 
Side note: Other than working out, we also make videos. See below.

Yeah. We know we're cool. And now I'm tired and thus, I will bid you good night.

Russell x

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