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Jan 26, 2013

Crisis Alert! (Not really)


    I have just realized something awful. I cannot watch my tv shows! Hulu won't work here! What will I do without Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Being Human, Pretty Little Liars, and Once Upon a Time!? Yes, I know what you will say. "Be social" "Enjoy your time out of the country" "Really? You are in England and you want to sit on your bum and watch tv?" My answer is piss off! I want to know if Elena kills anyone on accident or if Belle regains her memory. It matters! Okay... Rant over. The spoiled American girl will chill out for a bit.

The BullRing
     Anyway, last night was very wild. I can't remember it fully, but the pieces I do were fun for the most part. Partying is huge here. There has not been one day where there hasn't been alcohol. The school (or Uni rather) has a bar downstairs. A BAR. IN THE SCHOOL. Weird right? Anyway, that is pretty much the hangout place. I don't drink every night. I had tea tonight and it was lovely. So far I have had less tea here than I usually do at home, but I will buy tea soon and then I can have it twice a day like I usually do. When I am in town though, I keep forgetting to pick some up. Yesterday, I went to town again and went back to the Bullring. This time I took a picture and, as you can see, it is massive! Wichita's two malls plus the mall in Bartlesville together are not this big. I haven't done much shopping yet, and I don't think I will do a lot other than groceries, because I am afraid of running out of money! I will be frugal so that I don't have to beg my parents for money. I hate doing that. The food can be expensive when eating out as well, but I bought a tuna sandwich at Gregg's (not Old Gregg's place) for only 2.20 pounds. About $4. It was pretty good!

Yum! Tuna!

     Today, I did not wake up until 6 PM so I don't think I will be drinking very much for a while. After I woke up though, I went over to Claudia's house and she made real Italian pasta. The food was phenomenal and there was so much that I could not finish. She is from Italy and so is Gianmarco who I have mentioned before. Those two were there as well as Max who I've also mentioned and Luka from the Netherlands and Ari (Short for Ariana) from Spain. She is very fun to converse with in Spanish so I am hoping to improve my vocabulary. I am learning so many different languages. Italian, Dutch, Flemish, German, and even British terms. It's fabulous.

     I do have to say though, I am beginning to get a little homesick. I did not anticipate so much difficulty in contacting home. I cannot use my iMessage, Facetime, or Skype on my phone because the wifi has firewalls that will not allow those things to work. When I get on Skype, it is rare for anyone to be online and many of you will be sick of me saying "Get on Skype" all the time on Facebook. Sorry, but you will just have to deal. Also, my UK phone receives calls and texts free, but it is a pay as you go phone so I can't call the US very often or it will get pricey super fast. I think watching Ted may have helped a little because it is almost too American. Haha. Not really. But anyway, I included a picture below of the Erasmus students and I will name them so you have faces to go with the names.

     Top row left to right: Naomi from Belgium, Kris from the Netherlands, Mike from England, Luka from the Netherlands, Taka from Japan, Massa from Japan, Carolin from Germany.
     Next row: Ellen from the Netherlands, I'm not sure of the next two's names yet but I know they are from Austria, Some crazy American chick, Maria from Germany, Xenia from Germany, Patricia from Germany.
     Front row: Sanna from Belgium, Claudia from Italy, Ari from Spain, Daisy from China, Gianmarco from Italy, Kelly from China, and Miki from Japan. Max from England is in front.

It is 2:48 AM here. 8:48 PM at home. I am gong to sleep now, so goodnight!! xx



  1. Hi Sweetheart, love u miss u. I just spent 2hr with Tio, he can take over my PC and fix what ever I have messed up. I couldnt bring up my account. I was using my old password. anyway now he gave me instruction on how to send u a note. I lost 4 notes to u, a couple of which were good, with a laugh here and there. I told u that I went out to a 5o and older dance, none of us used a walker. It was good old country western dance, I loved it. ur Gma can still shake a leg. I wasn't sure, sence it had been 20 years sence I went dancing. Sounds like u r having a good time. keep up the Posting love them. Hi to ur new friends. God bless and keep you, love Grams.

  2. Got your phone calls on my PC, but could only hear a couple words. I think u r right mine is to slow, sorry. would have loved to talk with u. I'm so excited for you, I look forward to yr blogs. Sorry I didnt see you off, Even more when I found out your Dad wasnt able to go, so sorry. Love you much, God bless, Grams

    1. It's okay. I love you too. Glad you enjoyed your dance!